The Integrale Roadshow

Infotainment in a new dimension

The Integral Roadshow is information and entertainment all around the development of consciousness. Here the Integral Theorie, the AQAL Model or the Spiral Dynamics will be presented in a lively manner.

The spectators are part of the show that arises spontaneously out of each moment. With plenty of humor Power Point, improvisation and communication are combined to make a larger whole, which allows the viewer to assume different perspectives and depths.

A show that sows the seeds for a new understanding of our reality.


"We will arrive at the end different from how we have started at the beginning.

And, it has now begun - because it never stops."

The Integral Roadshow is based on two fundamental key factors: Information and Entertainment, which will together with the audience interweaven into a wonderful unity.




Besides the entertainment part it is important to us to transfer knowledge. Specially the wide field of the development of consciousness lies particularly dear to us. To make this topic visible from different perspectives, easy to understand and alive.




How do we better learn, than with humor?

Therefor we are standing for presenting topics that seems to be complicated on the first sight in an easy and clearly way.

So that there won´t be a dry eye in the place and no brain cell unmoved.

                        Ken Wilber featuring the Integral Roadshow

A short clip from a talk between Axel Perinchery and Ken Wilber. May 2012


Integral Europe about our show in Budapest (8th of May 2014)

"Martin Bruders and Axel Perinchery performed a breath taking comedy show on integral theory. Not only nailing the attention of the crowd to the stage immediately but also teaching all important elements of AQAL while having us laugh, cry, being touched, amused or sometimes even embarrassed."

Integral Europe


Martin Ucik about our show in Berlin (2012)

“Integral scholars are often perceived as lollipops:  Big HEAD and small sticks. The Integral Roadshow with Martin Bruders and Axel Perinchery delivers the theory with wit and humor that caused me big belly laughs.  What an amazing way to introduce newcomers to the Integral model and to hold up the mirror to those Integralists who take themselves a bit too serious. I hope that the Integral Roadshow comes to the US and the rest of the world soon and becomes another German export hit.”

Martin Ucik - Author of "Integral Relationships"

                            2 min. Trailer of the Integral Roadshow

"Knowledge in relation is wisdom.

Knowledge without relation is knowledge.

Wisdom is knowledge with love."

Thomas Hübl